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Our devices are validated in national, peer-reviewed studies.

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Unique technology to detect vision disorders in children.

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The industry leading vision screening device manufacturer.

Specializing in engineering, developing, & manufacturing medical devices

Plusoptix devices detect vision disorders in children between the ages of 6 months to 25 years

Plusoptix specializes in engineering, developing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices. Plusoptix devices detect vision disorders in children starting at age 6 months to fight Amblyopia (i.e. lazy eyes) and provide a full measurement report on the vision disorders of a patient's eyes..

Unique technology

Plusoptix devices share a unique measurement technology called “photorefraction”, which uses a binocular camera to take a “photo”, which measures the “refractive” power of the eyes and identifies the vision difficulty.

Vision Screeners

Plusoptix has developed handheld autorefractors for eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists to test patients from six months to 25 years for vision impairments.

Binocular Autorefractor

The plusoptiX R09 - PowerRef 3 is a medical device for refractive surgeons and scientists that targets at various distances are presented to the eyes. 

PowerRef 3

Plusoptix vision screening devices deliver proven accuracy and reliability. Since 2007, they have been validated by a long list of published, peer-reviewed studies.

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